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About The Hostel Green Fish

Whether you want to stay at a relaxed hostel or you want a facility that gives you an opportunity to socialize with other guests and make friends, you will be better served by choosing the Green Fish Hostel.Located within minutes walk of the heart of the Prague city, it is a 10-minute walk from the pier and can be accessed easily by foot. The hostel is surrounded by some small shops selling drinks, snacks and ice cream. Further a bit is a proper supermarket where you can buy any kind of food to make meals in the hostels equipped kitchen.

The Green Fish Hostel also has a spacious dorm with 12 beds,while it also has private rooms. The dorm room is equipped with air conditioning and has proper beds as opposed to bunk beds. It is spacious and is fitted with a large mirror wall on one part of it.Private rooms feature double beds and some have an extra bed meaning that they can fit even 3 people. The rooms have bathrooms and showers, and are kept in top shape by the gallant staffs of the facility.

The building is surrounded by trees and other plants . There is also a comfortable hammock and a large fireplace. The hostel’s common area is not only green but also gives you the feeling that you are somewhere in the middle of a natural forest.There is a proper kitchen with all the necessary cooking utensils. The bar is located next to the cooking area, and it provides a perfect meeting point for eating, drinking and socializing. Cooking here is a lot of fun.

The facility has some of the most awesome staffs. Not only are they at your beck and call, but they are also knowledgeable in several international languages. So if you want a hostel where English is spoken, the Green Fish it is. You won’t have to struggle to ask for something because of language barrier.

Overall, the hostel offers a restful and a calm retreat for divers and backpackers. It forms a perfect place for meeting new people, socializing and making friends. It also has a good kitchen for those who love making their own food. The internet may be free, but it is nonetheless of a very high quality. With its great location, awesome staff and a serene setting, the Green Fish Hostel is the place you want to be sleeping at when you are in Prague. It appeals more to divers and backpackers.


Last Updated: June 2020.